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A thought of falling (2017)


A thought of falling (2017) - PDF Score + Parts


Apsida (2022) - Clarinet and Guitar - Hard Copy


Apsida (2022) - Clarinet and Guitar - PDF Score


Autumn Thoughts (2017) - for Low Whistle in D, or Tenor Recorder - Hard Copy


Autumn Thoughts (2017) - for Low Whistle in D, or Tenor Recorder - PDF Download


Book of Trees (2015) - Solo Piano - Hard Copy


Book of Trees (2015) - Solo Piano - PDF Download


Cloud Forms (2018) - Solo Piano - Hard Copy


Cloud Forms (2018) - Solo Piano - PDF Score


Death the Mother (2016/18) - Clarinet in Bb and Piano - Hard Copy


Death The Mother (2016/18) - Clarinet in Bb and Piano - PDF Download


Herbarium (Digital Score)


Interlunar (2022) - Solo Cello - PDF Score




Moss Gardens (2022) - No.1 - Harp and Tenor Recorder



Henry McPherson is an artist, composer, improviser, performer, and researcher from the United Kingdom. His creative practice draws widely across the visual, sonic, and kinetic, and his work has been shown internationally across diverse settings – from concert halls to galleries, from bathrooms to dance studios, from parks and warehouses to cafes, virtual halls and radio. Creating across a variety of media and disciplinary settings, Henry holds improvisation as the centre of his artistic work; as both a richly expressive performance practice, and as a generative mode of being-awareness, and a source of creativity and presence. His recent works explore aspects of free association, spontaneous collage, and transmedia interactivity across paint, instruments, body, text, notation, voice, video and sound. He is fascinated by communication across the non-verbal, by the juxtaposition of expressive forms, and the capacity of artistic practices to transform individuals and communities.