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Lies, suspicion, and a desperate trek.

In a world where no race trusts another, the shapeshifting jaguar Ludik became friends with the strangers who helped him save the world from feuding gods. Now a gilled translator, a fire mage, and the winged messenger of the Gods have come to his home for his long-delayed wedding.

But before Ludik and his beloved can pledge their love, an accidental death threatens their happiness. Bad enough that a Fox trespassed into Cat territory, worse that he picked a fight with a bigger Leopard, but the true disaster is the witness who is running home to report that the Cats murdered his kin.

In a mad race to keep the misguided Dog from starting a civil war, Ludik must follow the trail through hostile territory and turn a fierce Wolf into an ally. If he can’t root out the seeds of war before they sprout, how will he preserve the life of the woman he adores?

Seed of War is the 2nd novel in the Unexpected Heroes series, a secondary world fantasy with shifters, mermaids, and winged people. If you enjoy mystery, danger, and justice, you'll love Seed of War.

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