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A treasure map could change her life or lead to her death.

For a sixteen-year-old mermaid, the best part of becoming an adult is the party. Even though Nia must host it on land for the sake of her gill-less friends, she can flirt with all the cute boys.

But her mom’s gift is unexpected— an old map and the news her long-lost dad disappeared in the Dragon Isles.

With her friends and a charming suitor, Nia follows her missing dad’s trail on an adventure to the supposedly cursed islands. Will she find love and discover her dad’s fate?

Maybe. Unless the curse is real.

Romance and danger swirl with the tide, and undercurrents could sweep her away.

Wave of Dreams is the 3rd novel in the Unexpected Heroes series, a secondary world fantasy with shifters, mermaids, and winged people. If you enjoy adventure, pirates, and sweet romance, you'll love Wave of Dreams.

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