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Assassins, kidnappers, and conspiracies.

In the last two years, Zefra helped defeat a band of pirates, avert a war, and even rescue the gods. What *can’t the fire mage do?

Get her dream job as a guide and explorer.

Though her deeds are famous, no one believes the legends are about a scrawny, sixteen-year-old girl. With no prospects for work, Zefra is on the edge of starvation.

After someone tries to kidnap her, and assassins and poison menace her friends, they leave to try their luck in another city, safe from threats.

But danger follows them...

Spark of Intrigue is the 4th novel in the Unexpected Heroes series, a secondary world fantasy with shifters, mermaids, and winged people. If you enjoy conspiracies, gods, and shapeshifting spies, you'll love Spark of Intrigue.

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Read the prequels, sequels, back stories, and side quests:
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