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The Penance - Lil Harvest #6

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In the beginning, an incubus was merely a low-ranking demon who fed on the sexual terror he could inflict upon a human being. But that was before one of them got the idea to turn a human with nothing to lose into the perfect demon feeder.

But everything created will also evolve, and the creating demon never expected his plan to turn out quite like this.

Mason has overcome many struggles since the demon was locked inside him to grow strong. They’ve found a balance to live together over the past four hundred or so years.

But there’s one thing about being human the demon has never experienced—something Mason hasn’t experienced until this cycle, either. Being truly loved. With love comes the risk of a broken heart, and that’s very dangerous for the lover when the demon doesn’t understand it as anything but a threat to the host body.

Luckily, Mason made a friend who knows a thing or two about demons. Unfortunately, that friend has no idea what her kind of magic does to an endowed human and an incubus king locked in the same body.

*Please note that Lil Harvest is in the genre of Horror as it contains the effects of demonic manipulation, and as a result, content in these works may contain graphic scenes of depravity, cruelty, and violence—sexual or otherwise—that could be offensive and potentially triggering to some readers.
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