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Astrid is lost. Not in the physical sense. She’s approaching graduation and has no idea where to go from there. Maybe a good stiff drink or five can help her. So what if she just happens to find her way to a certain bar with a sexier-than-sin bartender? You never know, he could just have the answer to all of her problems. Wasn’t that in a bartender’s job description?

Parker has all he can handle. He’s trying to raise his twin brothers, run a bar, and prepare for his dad to move back home after his stroke. He doesn’t need even one more thing to deal with; his plate is full. But one look at the gorgeous woman sitting in the far booth makes him want to sweep that plate onto the floor and have his wicked way with her. Even if she is entirely too smart, too pretty, and too refined for him. A guy can always dream.

Can they survive blazing heat, unwelcome guests, handsy patrons, and a visit from SWAT? If so, they might just find the answers to what’s next in each other.

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