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The Rightful King (Grimm Academy #11)

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Can Arthur prove that he can be the king he's foretold to be?

Gwen thinks it's all over. She couldn't be more wrong.
I'm Arthur. The rightful king and heir. But only if I can prove it. If I can't, then my kingdom will be torn apart, and I’ll lose everything - my crown, my friends, and the woman I love.
To make matters worse, Dindrane has a prophecy of her own we need to stop from coming true. We need to stop them both, before it’s too late.
The Rightful King is part of the Grimm Academy fantasy fairy tale romance series and is a standalone retelling of King Arthurt. It includes a legendary heroine determined to save herself and a sweet m/f romance. 

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, fantasy academy settings, friendship, prophecies, strong heroines, and sweet romance, start the Grimm Academy series!
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