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Create & Build your Heart Business

The P.S. Business Academy is for you if you have a good idea of what you want to do and are ready for guidance in how to create your online business.


  • Discover who you want to work with
  • Embrace how you can use your skills & talents
  • Tips on how to further develop
  • Learn the ins and outs of the online space

There are many business coaches out there who focus on earning, hustling and grinding. I'm over that! I want to guide and inspire you to:

  • Tap into your passions
  • Feel confident
  • Release limiting beliefs
  • Release stagnant patterns
  • Open avenues for financial prosperity

Let's get started!

Journey of a Soulpreneur

A Spiritual Coach

Are you the friend that everyone turns to for a shoulder to lean on?Do strangers often share their inner most feelings with you? Is it possible that you have a natural talent for providing helpful insights and loving direction to others Maybe it´s time to offer your natural coaching talents as a Spiritual Coach!

An Intuitive Medium

Do friends come to you to hear your insights that are often correct? Do you already consider yourself and Intuitive Medium or Channeller? Maybe you have thought about officially offering your services but don't know where or how to start!

An Energy Healer

Are you energetically gifted? Perhaps you have already learned an energy healing modality but are lacking the business know how?

Maybe now you have decided to begin offering your energy healing services online!

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Begin creating your heart-based business


Because deep down you're a heart based entrepreneur who wants to share their talents with the world. You know what you have to offer is great, but you just don't know how to let the world know about your product or service. In the P.S. Business Academy you will learn how to confidently provide your services to the online space. You will learn how and where to find your clients and how to confidently provide them with a service that will have them and their friends coming back for more!

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I AM Ready


  • How to use your gifts to create your Passionate Soul Business
  • Charge and receive your worth
  • Create a plan that helps you feel magnetic
  • Attract clients who love what you do
  • Transform your offers and services to the online space
  • FREE - Affirmations for Soulpreneurs
  • Module Assignments and Worksheets