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Bonfire Night - Wellbeing and mindfulness lesson plan

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Bonfire Night is a very popular celebration with British children. It commemorates the capture of Guy Fawkes and his friends who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament on 5th November 1605. 

Guy Fawkes and his accomplices were captured and hung, drawn and quartered on 31st January 1606.  To celebrate the fact their capture there are large fires (bonfires) and fireworks every 5th November to represent the explosives they would have used. 

This lesson plan is about celebrating this autumnal occasion not the historical significance. It captures the cosiness and joy of this colourful, family centred festival. Whether you are familiar with this festival or not I’m sure your class will love it! 

Mindfulness and relaxation have been proven to increase children's concentration, create a calmer atmosphere and even increase attainment. It is a wonderful addition to any setting.

All my lesson plans are created for people with no prior knowledge of relaxation and mindfulness techniques and carefully go through every technique step by step. They also include a fun script for you to read through which incorporates all the techniques learned into an enjoyable, relaxing story which is completely age appropriate.

My lessons now all come with a child and teacher assessment sheet which is fully editable and enables you to show evidence for the progress and learning for each child.

This lesson is most suitable for 3-11 year olds.
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