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Collaborative Intelligence


Advances in technology have created a real opportunity for individuals and organizations to combine ideas and be more collaborative, leading to greater innovation. Collaboration can begin at any level, especially with online social networks. Two people in different organizations who share some interest and start combining ideas can benefit both organizations.

This book clarifies how individuals at any level of an organization can be an agent for leadership in using online social networks to create a more sharing and collaborative culture. Research shows the benefits of organizations creating strategic alliances with other organizations for the good of their own organization, their industry and their customers.

The themes of Teambuilding Intelligence, Competitive Intelligence and Social Intelligence have been explored in some of my previous books. These include "Haul Away!: Teambuilding Lessons from a Voyage Around Cape Horn," "Competitive Intelligence: Fast, Cheap & Ethical," and "Improv to Improve Your Business: Using the principles of improvisation to foster communication, creativity & innovation."

Focused on Collaborative Intelligence, this book presents an evolution of the intelligences discussed in my previous books blended with information gathered during my doctoral research. My primary motivation in publishing this book alongside my doctoral thesis is to share the thinking and research work that I have done, and make it available to people who can use it.

So how can you lead your organization in becoming smarter through more collaborative behaviors using online social networks? Let’s explore the possibilities together!


If you are in an organization that would like to be more innovative and collaborative, particularly with other organizations, you should read this book. This book can, and should, be read by people at any level, because successful collaboration can begin at all levels in organizations, especially using online social networks. Two people working in the mailrooms of two different organizations who share a particular interest might start sharing ideas that could spark a successful inter-firm collaboration. Smart organizations are the ones that create a climate where this can happen in a way that minimizes risks and maximizes potential successes. Whether you are a chief executive looking to shape a collaborative culture or simply someone who is passionate about getting better at things or working more effectively with other people in organizations, you should gain some useful insights from this book and the accompanying thesis.


Chapter One: Intelligence matters - You snooze, you lose
Chapter Two: Collaboration works - Keep what you need, share the rest
Chapter Three: Social networks pay off - The power of many individuals
Chapter Four: Online social networks - Way more of a good thing
Chapter Five: Implementing a social networking strategy - Liberating the individual
Chapter Six: Encouraging collaborative behaviors - Leadership begins at the bottom
Chapter Seven: Transforming the enterprise - Goodbye to hierarchies and silos

For the purposes of clarity, the transcripts have been edited and are not intended to be a verbatim record of each interview session.


Dr. Robert David (Rob) Duncan is a professional management consultant, speaker, trainer and college instructor. He holds a BA in Economics, an MBA and a doctorate in business leadership. He is the author of "Haul Away! Teambuilding lessons from a voyage around Cape Horn," "Competitive Intelligence: Fast, cheap & ethical," "Micro Short Filmmaking: A guided learning journey," "Acting: A guided learning journey" and is a co-author of "Improv to Improve your Business: Using the principles of improvisation to foster communication, creativity & innovation" and "The Adventure of an Ingenious Life: Follow your creativity through doors of opportunity." To learn more about these ideas and Rob, please visit or explore having Rob speak to your group though your favorite speaker bureau.

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