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Transforming Overwhelm: A Life On Purpose Report

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Experiencing the Fullness of a Life On Purpose

Over the past 22-plus years of working with hundreds of people as their Life On Purpose Coach, co-founder of Life On Purpose Institute, Dr. W. Bradford Swift noticed a couple of serious “off purpose” patterns that popped up on a regular basis to block people from living the full joy of a life on purpose.

One of those patterns is becoming overwhelmed by the circumstances of their lives. Transforming Overwhelm, part of the Life On Purpose Special Report Series, is ‘straight talk’ and powerful coaching on how to move beyond this block. It starts by examining the source of the many strategies, moves, and tricks that our mind often plays with us to keep us safe, and secure, but also keeps us smaller than we really are when we’re not in touch with our true purpose in life.

Transforming Overwhelm goes on to offer 16 ‘on purpose’ strategies that will help you move from overwhelm to joyfully experiencing the fullness of a life on purpose with powerful Call to Action Assignments to get you off your duff and into living true to the life purpose you came here to be, to experience and to share with the world.
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