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Mist Across the Waves, ebook

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 Morgan knew she didn't want to go out to she knew why.
In "Mist across the Waves", the second book in the Beach House Mysteries series, Morgan is terrified of the ocean, but she bravely helps to plan a surprise birthday party aboard the local ferry boat for her new friend.

Things seem to be going great until the celebration takes a dangerous turn when a murder occurs on another boat adrift in the night.

As she tries to solve the crime, Morgan must also confront the threat posed by the sea witch Cora, who is determined to destroy her. The sea witch is full of trickery and malice as she tries to lure a group of ocean salvage divers with the promise of gifts from the sea.

With the help of her new friends, Gabe Holleran and the Colbright sisters, Morgan must use all of her cunning and strength to outwit Cora and protect the island and its residents.

Along the way, she uncovers the hidden history of Pearl Island and the role the Seaver family has played in battles against the sea witch's deceit.

Will Morgan be able to triumph over Cora's trickery, or will the sea witch come out on top?

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