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Mist Across the Sand, ebook

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The Dangers of the Past and Present Arrive at Pearl Island!
Christmas on Pearl Island brings more than Santa Claus...

 In Mist Across the Sands, the fourth book in the Beach House Mysteries series, Morgan Seaver finds herself in the midst of a high-stakes game of danger and deception.

As Christmas approaches on Pearl Island, a group of modern-day pirates threatens the safety of the community and the waters off the island.

When tragedy strikes, Morgan is forced to remind  her enemy Cora, the sea witch, of a long-ago promise. The promise to protect her as a  decedent of John Seaver, Coral's first love.  

Determined to ensure the safe return of their hostages and defeat the pirates, Morgan hatches a plan to use a chest full of treasure as bait. But as the stakes get higher and the dangers mount, Morgan finds herself wondering if she can trust Cora to keep her promise.

Can she outsmart the pirates and save the day?

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