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Now Arriving, Sister Station Book 1
 Sarah Skipton, a wise and determined grandma, knew her granddaughters were in dire need of a major life shake-up. But would they be up for her crazy challenge? Asking them to leave their successful careers and cozy homes was a big ask, no doubt.

Yet, Paige and Rebecca surprised everyone by agreeing to a short-term trial that took them back to their childhood haven of Skipton. Little did they know, this decision would rock their worlds in the best possible way.

Returning to Skipton meant diving headfirst into the family business and fulfilling Sarah's lifelong dreams for the old train station. As the sisters settled back into the warm embrace of their small-town community, they found themselves caught up in the excitement of revitalizing Skipton Station's future. Along the way, they formed unexpected bonds and got caught up in local affairs—from organizing the most magical Christmas festivities the town had ever seen to getting tangled in a generations-old feud between two families.

But "Now Arriving" isn't just about a physical destination; it's about uncovering the true desires of the heart and finding the courage to pursue them. Paige and Rebecca had to face their own fears, dreams, and insecurities on this incredible journey. It's in these soul-searching moments that they discover the strength to make life-altering choices.

Get ready for a heartwarming and captivating tale that'll take you on an extraordinary adventure where faith and destiny collide. Will the Skipton sisters have what it takes to embrace God's plan for their lives? Join them as they navigate the twists and turns of their personal and spiritual journeys. With every step, they uncover the magic that lies within and arrive at a destination more beautiful and fulfilling than they ever imagined.
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