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Welcome to Skipton Station!

The Skipton family has run the old train station for generations, but now it needs the love of the next generation. Will Paige and Rebecca be up for the challenges?

Now Arriving, Sister Station Book 1

Sarah Skipton knew her granddaughters needed a drastic change in their lives, but would they be willing to accept her challenge? 

 Paige and Rebecca agreed to a short-term trial and headed for their childhood home of Skipton. There, they would take over Sarah's dreams for the old train station.

Soon, the sisters find themselves embraced by the small town and caught up in the plans for Skipton Station's future. New friendships are formed, laughs are shared and a bond to Skipton is formed.

Now Departing, Sister Station Book 2

 The Skipton sisters, Paige and Rebecca, have settled into their new home, finding friends and challenges, turning their grandmother's dreams for the old railroad station into reality. 

But just as things become comfortable, the past interrupts each sister's plans…

Skipton Station is about more than a physical destination. To follow the path before them will mean accepting God's plan for them. Follow as the sisters discover their true desires and arrive at their choices. Read along, share the love and laughter of the close-knit town and learn more of Skipton Station and its patrons. 
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