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Third in Series Sampler, Volume 1

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Pick up where the Second in Series box set ended; the next book in each of the series Citrus Beach Mysteries, Mrs. Avery's Adventures, Storm Voices and Beach House Mysteries.

Murder at the Geocache

Megan and Aiden are drawn into a deadly investigation when an old friend is found murdered at a charity event. As they search for answers, they uncover a hidden stash of cash and a desperate killer who will stop at nothing to keep their secrets hidden. With the help of a clue-leading puppy, Gypsie found at the scene and Megan's determination to uncover the truth, they must unravel the mystery surrounding the old lighthouse and the killer's motivations before it's too late. Can Megan and Aiden solve the case before the killer strikes again, or will their charity work turn into their own demise?

The Dummy Did It!

Pelican Harbor is starting to look festive with Halloween displays, but Piper Avery stumbles onto a gruesome discovery; a dead body. And it has nothing to do with holiday decorations.

When Piper and Daisy, her diva dog, arrive to talk to Samuel Weston about his art, they find him murdered - behind the locked doors of his office. And sitting in the chair by the body is Samuel's ventriloquist dummy; a cruel note pinned to it.

But this isn't the only discovery Piper makes. Her youngest son is also staying at the Weston home, and he is romantically involved with Samuel's granddaughter. Plus, Joel and his K-9 partner, Scout, have arrived to talk to the victim, and it's not about art.

Now Piper and Joel must work together to find a killer. And they must work fast; before Piper's son is blamed for the murder, or worse, another murder happens. With Halloween just around the corner, it seems like someone is trying to pin the blame on the ventriloquist dummy. Can Piper and Daisy crack the case before the killer strikes again?

Lost Voices

Set along the enchanting southern coast of Florida, Mac's life is filled with fairy kisses, a blossoming romance, new friends, a mystical kitten, and the excitement of the Christmas holidays. But when she suddenly hears two distinct voices—one brimming with love and the other consumed by fear—her world is once again turned upside down.

The kidnapping of little Tommy at a beachside playground in broad daylight reveals the fearful voice's owner. But who does the second voice belong to: kidnapper or protector? As all clues lead to the waterfront, Mac and her boyfriend Peter race against time to find the missing boy before it's too late.

Mist by the Light House

A powerful new poison is threatening the precious coral reefs of Pearl Island, and a murder has rocked the community. As she investigates, Morgan discovers that the culprit may be connected to a network of drug smugglers operating offshore. With the help of the enigmatic sea witch, Cora, Morgan and Cora agree to an uneasy truce, with conditions, to put a stop to this new menace. But that's not the end of Morgan's troubles. Someone on the island wants to change the peaceful way of life, starting with the elimination of the resident peacocks.

And if all this isn't enough, Cordelia comes to live with Dr. Wright and his wife. The child is fascinated with Morgan and the legends of Pearl Island and isn't shy about finding out more. When things escalate, Cora makes an ultimate, and now Morgan must find a killer and stop the drug smugglers, before Cora's wrath strikes at the island.

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