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First in Series Sampler, Vol. 1

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Do you enjoy samples, say a box of chocolates, filled with assorted samples to pick from? Here is a box set of cozy mysteries and cozy paranormal mysteries to try out. Each book is the first in the series to give you a taste of what the series will be like. I've set all the books in tropical South Florida, where the beautiful beaches hold more than sunny days of fun. There is plenty of murder and mystery, pets, and amateur sleuths following the clues.

Mist At The Beach House brings Morgan Seaver to her childhood home only to be blamed for the murder of her aunt, and a family legend of mermaids and revenge that must be sorted out. Along with a mysterious Kitten from the mist, Morgan begins to unravel the past.

Killer Focus finds Piper Avery having a bad day, an awful day. A pink slip, her 50th birthday, and being notified her mother and mother-in-law have bought the house across the street are only the start. Because the next thing she knows, she has discovered a body on the beach. Add in a new dog, a bit of a diva, and Piper's life begins to change.

Whispered Voices are what Mac now hears after a dangerously close hit by a bolt of lightning. But these aren't the friendly voices of friends or family. No, she can now hear the voices of killers as they plan the next murder. Mac must listen to the voices in her head to solve the mysteries before it's too late. And she must accept that not all fairy-tales are make-believe.

Murder for Neptune's Trident is about Megan Cassidy's witnessing a brutal murder and her efforts to figure out why the young man was killed--before his killers find her. Along with the help of her clue sniffing beagle, Barney, Megan finds out that the past can really haunt you.

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