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Second in Series Sampler, Volumn 1

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Pick up where the First in Series box set ended; the next book in each of the series Citrus Beach Mysteries, Mrs. Avery's Adventures, Storm Voices and Beach House Mysteries.

Scent of A Mystery:

Megan and Barney survive the intense Hurricane Arlene and are thrown into another thrilling mystery. When Barney uncovers a box containing the identity of a man living outside of Citrus Beach who was declared dead years ago, Megan is determined to uncover the truth behind his story. However, they must act quickly before his killers try again, and this time they might succeed in eliminating anyone who stands in their way, including Megan and Barney. Can Megan and Barney solve this mystery before it's too late, or will they become the next victims?

Final Delivery

When the postman delivers more than just mail, Piper Avery knows trouble is brewing. Her neighbor, Lily Strauss, is found dead, and Piper and her trusty dog, Daisy, are determined to uncover the truth.

Piper is convinced that Lily's husband, David, is innocent and wants to clear his name, but the evidence isn't in his favor. As Piper starts to investigate, she realizes that there's more to Lily's craft shipments than meets the eye. Piper's discovery has her asking police consultant, Joel Stevens, and his K9 partner, Scout, for help.

Together, Piper and Joel follow the trail of clues, and what they find shocks them. Everyone seems to be looking for one particular shipment, and the stakes are high. As they race against time to find the shipment before the killer does, Piper and Joel find themselves drawn into a dangerous game of cat and mouse.

Deceptive Voices

As Mac organizes a mystery theater production in her quaint South Florida town, she struggles to distinguish the voice of the killer from those of the actors. With a chilling sense of urgency, she knows the killer is poised to strike again. Can she trust herself and her supernatural abilities long enough to prevent a murder or unmask the culprit? Even her enigmatic gray kitten, Shaylee, seems to sense the lurking evil backstage.|With the support of her friends and family, Mac races against the clock, hoping the deceptive voices will lead her to the killer and not her own ominous end. In this cozy paranormal mystery, Mac's world intertwines with the captivating charm of theater, creating a suspenseful yet lighthearted adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Mist Across the Waves

Morgan is terrified of the ocean, but she bravely helps to plan a surprise birthday party for her friend. However, the celebration takes a dangerous turn when a murder occurs on a boat adrift in the night. As she tries to solve the crime, Morgan must also confront the threat posed by the sea witch Cora, who is determined to destroy her. With the help of her friends Gabe Holleran and the Colbright sisters, Morgan must use all of her cunning and strength to outwit Cora and protect the island and its residents. Along the way, she uncovers the hidden history of Pearl Island and the role the Seaver family has played in battles against the sea witch's deceit. Will Morgan be able to triumph over Cora's trickery, or will the sea witch come out on top?

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