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Read the Storm Voices Series
 Join Mackenzie Aldkin on her exciting and mysterious journey as she navigates life after being struck by lightning and gaining the ability to hear voices, including those of killers. Along the way, she meets Moira, a nurse and healer who introduces her to the world of fairies and their protection, gifting her a mystical kitten named Shaylee.

 In Whispered Voices, Mac must prove her boyfriend's innocence while trying to understand her new abilities.

In Deceptive Voices, Mac must use her newfound powers to prevent a murder during a mystery theater production, aided by her mysterious gray kitten, Shaylee.

In Lost Voices, Mac and her friends must race to find a kidnapped boy before it's too late, aided by the mystical forces surrounding them.

In Grinchy Voices, Mac must use her powers to stop a Grinchy-like character from ruining Christmas for the entire town, with the help of Shaylee, the fairy queen and one endearing pixie.

And for an added bonus, read about the mysterious Moira.

Follow Mac on her journey of self-discovery and adventure in this thrilling boxset.
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  • EPUB (451KB)
  • PDF (1MB)
  • MOBI (1MB)
  • EPUB (563KB)
  • PDF (974KB)
  • MOBI (1MB)
  • EPUB (445KB)
  • PDF (425KB)
  • MOBI (1MB)
  • EPUB (506KB)

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