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Mist by the Lighthouse, ebook

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Can a sea witch be trusted? Morgan Seaver is about to find out!

n Mist by the Lighthouse, the third book in the Beach House Mysteries series, Morgan Seaver finds herself caught up in a web of danger and intrigue.

A powerful new poison is threatening the precious coral reefs of Pearl Island, and a murder has rocked the community. As she investigates, Morgan discovers that the culprit may be connected to a network of drug smugglers operating offshore.

With the help of the enigmatic sea witch, Cora, Morgan and Cora agree to an uneasy truce, with conditions, to put a stop to this new menace.

But that's not the end of Morgan's troubles. Someone on the island wants to change the peaceful way of life, starting with the elimination of the resident peacocks.

And if all this isn't enough, Cordelia comes to live with Dr. Wright and his wife. The child is fascinated with Morgan and the legends of Pearl Island and isn't shy about finding out more.

When things escalate, Cora makes an ultimatum, and now Morgan must find a killer and stop the drug smugglers, before Cora's wrath strikes at the island.

Can Morgan unravel the mystery and save the island before it's too late?

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