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ANCIENT EGYPTIAN LEGENDS - 11 Myths and Legends from Ancient Egypt

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In this book 11 Legends about the Gods of Ancient Egypt have been compiled and retold by Margaret Murray. These legends, were current in the "morning of the world," and have been preserved through stone engravings or by the fragments of papyrus that have made it to the 21st C. Legends like “The Princess and the Demon”, “The King's Dream”, “The Coming of the Great Queen”, “The Book of Thoth”, “The Legend of Osiris”, “The Scorpions of Isis” plus 5 more.
These legends have been told in a way that only Margaret Murray could retell them, adhering strictly to the story, but arranging the words and phrases according to the English language. She has retained, as far as possible, the expressions and metaphors of the Ancient Egyptians.

The book is intended in its entirety for consumption by the general public, but especially for those interested in the Ancient Egyptian civilisation. Though the book is intended for the unscientific reader, some provision for the more serious student of the era has been made in the Notes section at the end. In these, the origin of the legend has been provided including the book or books in which that original was published, as well as the book where the translation into a modern language by one of the great scholars of the day can be found.  Lastly, an index of the names and meanings of the Egyptian gods is included.

10% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to Charities.
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