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Growing in Age and Wisdom

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By Anne Millar

Anne Millar provides encouragement for older people in these inspirational reflections on the meaning and purpose found in growing older.

These short, readable articles are grouped into broad topics of:
  • Making Meaning

  • Health and Harmony

  • Relationships and Realities

  • Edges and Endings

  • Seasons and Stages

This book will be welcomed by:
  • Older people

  • Those who work with and care for older people

  • Churches

  • Libraries

  • Academic institutions.

Through her writing and work as a nurse, counsellor, and her pastoral ministry, Anne Millar has given comfort and hope to many people.

These articles were originally published in Touchstone (the newspaper of the Methodist Church of New Zealand) and the book is thoughtfully ordered and graced with poems and photos.

“The simple beauty and depth of being in relation to those around us and our environment unfolds. Anne’s words convey the essence of interdependence and its centrality in faith, life and death. The underlying importance of embracing the life we have is lovingly presented through the many cameos. Presbyterian Support Upper South Island is honoured to be associated with Anne, her work and this book.” Vaughan Milner, Chief Executive, Presbyterian Support Upper South Island (2009)

From the Introduction

“Society’s attitudes to ageing have tended to relegate older people to the periphery of society with the label the elderly. Myths, stereotypes and negative attitudes have been very insidious and damaging, and they have contributed to many injustices.

Justice, love and compassion are part of the heritage I claim as a Christian. At its best, this heritage is about the dignity, worth and value of all people, whatever their age, gender, ethnicity or culture. My offerings in writing have hopefully been a small contribution to these values.

A deeper understanding of people through all the stages of ageing is needed. Many older people face the greatest challenges of their lives. Equally important is the need to encourage people to value and respect themselves and their roles in families and society. There are choices to be made along the way and people have to take responsibility for their choices about life, relationships and participation.

Wise and visionary older people have made a lasting contribution to humankind through the ages. History is being written now as older people develop their wisdom and skills and search for ways to make a difference in the world.”
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