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Abby 'Cherry Bomb' Candle

It didn’t seem right to make a set of Stoneridge candles without including one for Tanner’s little cherry bomb. 

This is a hand-poured soy candle scented with cherries. Hand decorated with sunflower petals and daisy flowers, tiger’s eye and garnet chips. 

Within each batch of candles some are made with large crystals embedded inside the wax, but you’ll have to burn it to see if you were lucky enough to get one. 

All of the candles are handmade which means they will all be slightly different and unique. 

The scent for this candle had to be cherry, there was just no other option to describe the perfect little girl that is Abby. 

I chose sunflower petals and daisy flowers because they seemed like the perfect embodiment of her sweet temperament. Even though she’s been through a lot for her young age, Abby loves Calli and her mates as her own family, not to mention the boys she’s taking under her wing. 

Sunflowers are often associated with honesty, truth and loyalty which suits this beautiful girl down to the ground. While in Victorian times the daisy became known for innocence and purity through the language of flowers. 

Tigers eye was an obvious choice for Abby and I chose garnets because there needed to be something to represent those beautiful red curls she’s known for. 

Please make sure to read the safety advice for candles before you light your candle. You can find a copy of it here: Candle Safety Information

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