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Printable RAINBOW NUMBERS 0-100 FLASHCARDS: 'Kid-style' digits

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Teach basic and higher numbers in all the colours of the rainbow with these printable NUMBERS 0-100 FLASHCARDS.

This pack includes a style of numbers that is more similar to how kids are taught to write the digits (a straight line for number one and the "q" style nine). If you prefer numbers that are written in a standard font style (a little "cap" on the number one, and a "rounded" number nine), please see: **RAINBOW NUMBERS 0-100 FLASHCARDS: Standard style digits**

Please note that these cards are not editable.

The numbers have a fuzzy felt effect designed to appeal to little ones. The colors of the cards can also help kids make matches between particular numbers (for example, all the multiples of 10 are red). Displayed in sequence, the numbers form a rainbow of colors, so they'll look lovely on your walls too!


You get:
  • 2 SETS OF WORD-ONLY CARDS: one set with frames, one set without frames

These flashcards are designed with young kids in mind:
  • high quality graphics that are appealing to little ones
  • a simple, classic font
  • rounded corners

We've also designed them with educators in mind:

You can choose to print the flashcards at multiple sizes to suit your needs: 
  • 1 per sheet (XL) - ideal for use with large classes or as wall decorations.
  • 2 per sheet (L) - great for home or classroom use, flashcard games or wall displays.
  • 4 per sheet (S) - handy and portable, ideal for your literacy centers, playing games, or to use with small groups.
  • 8 per sheet (XS) - mini flashcards that are great if you don't have much table space, or even if you're out and about with your little one!

You get full instructions on how to print the cards at whichever size you prefer! 

The pack includes different kinds of cards that you can use in lots of ways:
  • Picture-word cards - show both pictures and words. Perfect for teaching vocabulary and helping with reading skills.
  • Picture cards - show only pictures without captions. Great for revising vocabulary and playing guessing or matching games.
  • Word cards - show only the words, without pictures. The framed word cards are designed for you to use in games such as pairs, to practice reading and matching skills. The frame-less word cards are recommended for making double-sided flashcards.

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Original illustrations by Tea Time Monkeys! © 2021 Biggabug
You will get the following files:
  • PDF (3MB)
  • PDF (1MB)
  • PDF (32MB)
  • PDF (33MB)
  • PDF (20MB)

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