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All the Pieces Fall

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Book #3 in the SpoCompton crime series!

George “Mase” Masaryk knows about secrets. He has a few of his own, including the reason he left the police department. The son of Czechoslovak hippies, his life has been a strange journey from rebel to cop to private investigator.

It is a path his parents would never have chosen for him.

One full of secrets and regrets.

He is mulling over those secrets when businessman Andrew McDonough sits down next to him at the bar and the pair start drinking heavily. McDonough eventually asks Mase to help him with some “women problems.” It is a request Mase doesn’t even remember the next day, only recalling the foggy memory when Faye McDonough, Andrew’s wife, shows up at his office to hire him almost a week later.

Faye wants him to find McDonough, who is now missing. She doesn’t know if he’s run off with a lover, been kidnapped, or is dead somewhere, but expects Mase to find out. As he delves into the twisting secrets that surround Andrew McDonough, Mase encounters more questions than answers. All the questions are dangerous ones and if he’s going to survive to learn the truth, he needs to figure out that one fact that will make all of the pieces fall into place…

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