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Daylight Rendering Preset for Mental ray renderer

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The file (RPS format) includes all the illumination parameters and other useful settings; It can be loaded into your scene by selecting it when prompted to do so in the Render Setup dialog window within the rendering menu.
  • Load it before starting a rendering!
The settings:
The Lighting used here is the Daylight from the command panel→ systems→ Daylight, in addition to an individual Omni light to enlighten the dark zone in the scene.

You will also find within the download a .dwg format file including all the floor levels and the 3d model of the project.

Tip- Try to import the 3d file onto the 3ds Max Design application and render it for yourself, using the .rps file provided above.
You will get the following files:
  • JPG (516KB)
  • DWG (3MB)
  • RPS (68KB)
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