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Write for Profit - Earn Passive Income by Selling your Books

Dear writer,
If you are a digital farmer, how do you like to own digital chickens that lay eggs day after day, year after year? The eggs will feed your family. The eggs are converted into cash when you sell the egg in the marketplace.

Some call this passive income. Others call it the cash cow. I like to coin it the cash chicken.

Your cash chickens are the books that you publish for sale. If you choose the right evergreen topic, your book will make money for you. You write and publish it once and it will generate money for you, month after month, year after year.

I want you to look at the lifetime value of your book, in the same way you look at the lifetime value of a chicken or a customer.

A book may not make you rich instantly, but over its lifetime it will make you a lot.

How much can you possibly earn? Let me share with you the numbers based on my personal experience.

I have an ebook on Amazon which earns me over $3,000 over the past few years and is still sending me a cheque every month. How’s interesting about this book is that I did not promote the book. I use a pen name without a biodata. I had not revised the book. So this book is purely passive income.

I have sold two books on my website. Each of them has earned me over $10,000 over the years.

I asked my friend how much he earns from his one book on Amazon. He said, 3 hundred a month.

I bought an ebook from a website for US$80. The website has been selling this book since the Year 1998. More than 20 years in operation and is still making money. Isn’t this a cash cow?

I am so convinced that is feasible to make decent income by selling books that I am going full-time as a book publisher. As an introvert and writer, it is a beautiful way of creating an income. There is no need to shout, to do a song and dance, or to make noise to be heard. Use a pen name. Make money quietly.

Not all books will sell. In the past, I have written many books mostly for passion and interest. Obviously, not all sell. Only those books with the right topics (that are in demand) will sell. But what are the right topics?

The answer is found in these 2 ebooks that I have just written (in Jan 2020). I have condensed my years of book writing and publishing experience, observation and research into it. They are my reference guides.

“Write for Profit” contains 6,117 words in 34 pages.

“Write a Bestselling Book” contains 1,197 words in 11 pages.

These two books are yours when you sign up for my one-to-one personal coaching session. Just one session of 2 hours.

In the session, I will share with you:
* where to find profitable topic ideas
* where to find endless content to write your book
* strategies to writing profitable books

I will answer all your questions about writing and selling profitable ebooks. If you are already working on your upcoming book, I will give you my feedback on your manuscript and how to double your earning with your content by repackaging the same content.

Remember, your books are your money tree, your cash cow, your assets that will generate passive income when done right. If you know that if you write the right book, it will generate $3K or more in its lifetime, won’t you want to write more of such books?

I do. Let me tell you how.

Book a coaching session with me.

 It's $100 for a personal 2-hour session. You may bring one person along with you for free
You can pay via Paynow or Paylah to 97717614 or click on the 'Buy Now' button (Paypal)

You will get a PDF (496KB) file

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