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Graphic Design Made Easy. Easy Graphic Design Like a Pro even when you have no experience in 2 hours!

Do you want to learn how to create social media graphics, posters, flyers, slide presentations, ebook covers, and more?

Give me 2 hours of your time...and I will teach you how you can create beautiful graphics in minutes...even if you don't know anything about graphic design.

You'll learn to create visually appealing images and designs to promote your events, products, service, blogs, newsletters, ads, special offers and Facebook posts.

I am graphically challenged. I don't have a flair for graphic design. Yet I am able to create decent-looking graphics for all my online marketing. 

As an internet marketer, I need graphics. 
For events and promotions, I need banners and posters. 
For books and reports, I need book covers. 
For Facebook marketing, I need posters.

If you outsource to a graphic designer, you might not get exactly what you want initially. 
The instruction goes back and forth like a ping pong. 
This is time-consuming, isn't it?

Won't it be better if you do it yourself and get it done in just minutes?

I have ever attended a one-day training in Photoshop. 
But I did not have a copy of the software. 
Then I forgot how to use it.

Now I found a better way.

During this personal coaching session with you, I will show you how to use a free web-based design software. It is so much easier to use compared to Photoshop. 

Now I am able to create nice graphics in minutes to promote my events, for affiliate marketing, and for social media postings without paying a cent. The secret shortcut is in the preloaded templates and modelling after good design work. If I can do it, so can you.

Let me save you the time. Come and join me for the hands-on training.
You will walk out of the session with the skill to create attention-getting graphics for your posts without paying others to do the job.

This is a hands-on sesion for those with no background in design, who want to learn how to make beautiful graphics more easily.

This is an interactive hand-son session so please bring your own laptop.

You'll disocver:

* How to create a Facebook banner, a social media poster and an ebook cover. 
* Where to get high-quality royalty-free graphics (it's free to download and free to use)

* How to use graphic to attract more clients, more sales, and up your branding

Even if you are not a pro, you can start designing beautiful graphics in just minutes.

After the session, you will know how to create easy website headers, blog images, eBooks, Facebook Headers, Presentation slides, infographics + more!

Duration: 2 hours. 
Venue: Simei or Bugis
Date: you pick the date and time. 
Investment: $100. 
Bonus: Bring along one friend for free. 

You can pay via Paynow or Paylah to tel 977 176 14, by cash or Paypal via the 'Buy' buttton. 
You will get a PDF (417KB) file

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