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Lunar Synergy Holistic Health Summit

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Join us for a day of holistic healing, wellness & transformation!

Enjoy a pre-record of a full day worth of workshops and guided exercises!

Join our retreat team of practitioners, as they come together in a safe online space, to bring you a full day of learning & practicing holistic health techniques.

Through education, enlightenment, participation, engagement, community, support & health resources, they will provide you with a comprehensive experience leaving you feel rejuvenated, refreshed, educated, & better equipped to transform your health sustainably into your future!

Daily Structure:

Morning | 11am EST

  • Welcoming Yoga Practice | Meditation | Journaling
  • Nutrition + Detoxing | Gut Health | Digestive Health & Regulation

Afternoon | 12:30pm EST

  • Therapeutic Release | Movement
  • Spirit + Mind + Body Connection | Spiritual Gateway (Subconscious + Conscious Mind)
  • Bioenergetic Health Regulation
  • Emotional Processing & Release

Evening | 2:30pm EST

  • Hormone Balancing | Circadian Rhythm | Nervous System Regulation¬†
  • Somatic Practice | Mind + Body Connection
  • Ending Meditation Ceremony & Reflection

You will receive an email with the pre-record the week after the release day of December 16th.

You will get a PNG (2MB) file