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Blind box cards from TAROT in Treble Clef

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SECONDS - 5 random cards from my TAROT in Treble Clef deck

These are cards that didn’t make the cut to be on the final tarot boxes, so they have some imperfections, that's why I've reduced it's price. Mostly, they weren’t centered as I wanted them to be, or they are not the exact same size (a couple mm variation). They are still nicely printed on pearlescent paper and, if you don't mind these things, they still look good. The cards shown in the pictures are an example of these misalignments.

There are no duplicates inside the envelopes, but as they are randomly picked and already closed, you may get repeated cards if you buy more envelopes.

Only 8 sets available.

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TAROT in Treble Clef