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All Hallows' Magic: White Haven Witches #4 (Audiobook)

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*Audiobook narrated by Diana Croft.
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As Samhain approaches, worlds collide.

A Shifter family arrives in White Haven, one of them close to death. Avery offers them sanctuary, only to find their pursuers are close behind, intent on retribution. In an effort to help them, Avery and Alex are dragged into a fight they didn’t want but must see through.

As if that weren't enough trouble, strange signs begin to appear at Old Haven Church. Avery realises that an unknown witch has wicked plans for Samhain, and is determined to breach the veils between worlds.

Avery and her friends scramble to discover who the mysterious newcomer is, all while being attacked one by one.

This battle just got personal.

When their enemy, Caspian Faversham, offers to help, they must decide if they can trust him.

But if they’re to survive, they don’t have a choice.

Everything is changing, and Avery has to negotiate where her future lies, while desperately fighting to even have one.

One thing is clear. Old friends and new are needed to save White Haven from its biggest threat yet.

If you love witchy urban fantasy filled with magic, action, and mystery, you will love this series.
You will get a PDF (372KB) file

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