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Manchester Ambience

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In Motion Audio brings you

Manchester Ambience

We wanted to record the sound of a city, the hustle and bustle, the noise, the traffic so what better place than Manchester

We recorded multiple types of ambiences in different parts of Manchester through out the day, this includes:

Crowds of people shopping, commuting and passing by

Different Languages from the Crowds

Various transportations including cars, busses, Trucks, bikes and trams with their high pitched squeaks and horns

Police sirens in the distance and up close

Car Horns

Pedestrian crossing Beeps

Distant Protesting


Some quieter areas of Manchester where you can hear the traffic but less crowds for a different perspective of Manchester

Manchester Ambience contains 24 Audio Files and has a Total Running time of 57 Mins and 07 sec

Manchester Ambience been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free sample pack.

These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing through to Composing for a variety of projects such as TV, Film, Documentaries and Video Games.

UCS Compliant UCS Compliant Document in the Zip File and as a Preview on PayHip

Metadata is attached to the samples

Product Specifications:

Installed 2 GB

Stereo samples recorded: Zoom H4N and Clippy EM272

96 khz and 24bit

You will get a ZIP (2GB) file