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In Motion Audio brings you

Morse Code Sample Pack

(Check out our other option "Morse Code" which is our VST Plugin for Kontakt)

So We’ve used Morse Code in a few projects here at In Motion Audio and we decided we wanted something that would make this process easier
If you've never created morse code before, making a morse code sound is simple enough, however what our product does is it simplifies the process and saves you time, which allows you to be more creative.

The Morse Code Sample Pack comes with everything the Kontakt instrument does audio wise, however the Pro of the sample pack is that the audio stitches together easier than the MIDI Files due to the Export limitations.

We've included:

Four Types of Beeps so you can pick which sounds better for a Morse Code Tone.
We've created Audio files which includes the Alphabet A-Z, Number 0-9, Spaces, Punctuations and Words.
We can't give you every single word in the dictionary however we've hand picked some common words that were used during the height of the Morse Code era
We've added FX layers, recorded using an Electromagnetic Coil Pickup, Providing you with Statics, Hums and Crackles to provide more options for your projects
We've also added a little written guide to get you started

Morse Code Sample Pack contains:

292 Audio Files
Total running time of 8 Mins and 50 sec

Morse Code Sample Pack has been edited to allow a drop in ready and Royalty Free Sample Pack

These Samples can be used in a variety of projects from Sound Designing for TV, Film, Documentaries, Composing and Video Games.

UCS Compliant, UCS Compliant Document in the Zip File
 (Also check out the preview for more details)

Metadata is attached to the samples

Product Specifications:

Installed 297.3MB
Recorded using: an Electromagnetic Coil Pickup/Zoom H4N
96 khz and 24bit
You will get a ZIP (226MB) file