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Until Your Toes Curl 3 - MMF Bisexual Romance Anthology

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5 steamy must-have MMF romances with over 800 pages where fairy tale princes, rugged beasts, and big bad wolves fall under enchantment, and save the kingdom for the love of their beauties and first time male loves. You will experience all of the emotions as the world’s most beloved stories are retold with lust, unexpected twists, and HEA endings that you will reread again and again.

Beauty and Two Beasts
Confided to a magical castle by a cursed beast, a girl discovers more than just the prince under his rough exterior, but a man with secrets and a forbidden lost love.

Her Red Hood
A girl in search of her first love meets, an untamable wolf shifter, and a hunter who has pledged to rid the forest of wolves. Enemies will become lovers in a sexy love triangle based on the classic fairy tale ‘Little Red Riding Hood’.

Her Two Wishes
A sheltered princess meets, a gorgeous bad boy, and his irresistibly sexy best friend. Love and heartbreak will cause heroes to rise. While danger and tragedy turn friends to lovers in this epic soul mate romance that you won't put down until its HEA ending.

Aladdin's First Time
Before Aladdin met Jasmine, or the genie, he was a boy painfully alone on the streets. No one cared whether he lived or died until he met the boy who would transform his life.

Aladdin & His Prince Charming
Children are disappearing from Aladdin's magical realm, stolen away in the middle of the night by a fire-breathing dragon. Vowing to save his people, Aladdin journeys by magic carpet to the dragon's land and meets the handsome Prince Eric on his way to wake Snow White with True Love's Kiss. Smitten with the charming young royal, Aladdin pretends to be a wizard and convinces Eric to journey with him to battle the dragon. But as the showdown with the dragon rapidly approaches and the two heroic men risk their lives for one another, their hearts may find something that will help them truly live happily ever after.
‘Until Your Toes Curl: Volume 3’ contains very steamy, ultra high heat bisexual menage romance series with explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes. With lots of twists and turns, each series has a not-to-be-missed HEA ending!
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