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Twin-cest 1-4: Taboo MMF

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Four stories that explore the biggest taboo of them all: Twin-cest. Brandon & Braden; Cameron & Cody; Aiden & Austin; and Jayson & Jaxson have sexual encounters that cross lines that should never be crossed.

25,000 Words


Book 1:

After being dumped by his girlfriend, Brandon meets Braden, a fellow tourist at a hotel bar in The Bahamas. Aroused by how much they look like each other they drink until they find the courage to see how far their similarities go. Intoxicated by each other’s toned, rippling bodies and extreme good looks, they sneak into Braden’s bed and cross boundaries that should never be crossed… especially with Braden’s hot naked girlfriend sleeping beside them. 


Book 2:

After Cameron’s girlfriend approaches him about a threesome with his twin, Cam convinces Cody to fulfill their childhood fantasy. But what Cameron doesn’t know is that Cody has always harbored secret feelings for him. So once the twins are naked and alone, Cody crosses lines that should never be crossed… especially with Cameron’s girlfriend about to enter at any moment.


Book 3:

Attending a masquerade party with his girlfriend, Ayden meets Austin, a party-goer that looks and is dressed exactly like him. Feeling a mysterious connection with Austin, Ayden and his girlfriend go back to the gorgeous couple’s apartment for a sexual adventure. When the girls disappear into the bedroom, the two sexy masked men unveil a secret and cross boundaries that should never have been crossed.


Book 4:

Jayson receives a desperate call from his twin’s girlfriend asking him to return to their Nebraska home. Jayson arrives to find his twin Jaxson in a grief-stricken state. In order to nurse his brother back to health, Jayson must reveal his secret feelings for his twin that kept them apart. And naked together in a wheat field the twin cross lines that should never be crossed… especially with Jaxson’s girlfriend listening to everything they do.

*Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written for the sole purpose of extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only. 

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