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20 Sizzling MMF Bisexual Romances

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20 steamy must-have MMF romances with over 2500 pages about bad boys, athletes, and billionaires who know how to treat their curvy girls. Guys will have their first time gay loves. Friends will become lovers. And, enemies will become lovers in romances filled with lust, love, laughter, tears, endless twists and turns, and HEA endings.

Her Best Bad Decision
A cocky baseball player falls for, the off-limits billionaire who owns his team, and the sassy curvy girl who moves in with him uninvited. Laughter follows in this feel-good romance that will have you tearfully cheering for the sexy threesome by the end

Island Candy (Complete Series)
A billionaire bad boy and a brilliant artist meet their match when they fall for the same untamable girl. Friends become lovers having mind-blowing sex. But it’s the emotional connection between the three which leads to a closeted guy’s first love. Humor and tears makes this story a tasty treat.

The Muse (Complete Series)
A billionaire businessman and a brilliant artist meet a wild, curvy girl and get their lives turned upside down. A sassy heroine is seduced by a billionaire, while an angsty artist tackles his past. Expect humor, mind-blowing sex, and emotional-fulfillment in this perfect escapist romance.

In The Moonlight (Complete Series)
A genius billionaire, a sexy rocket engineer, and an introverted curvy girl, go on a wild ride towards love. Dating the boss leads to humor, out of this world sex, and a few tears in this heartwarming romance.

Also included:
  • Bane (Series)
  • Bittersweet (Series)
  • Before He Was Famous (Series)
  • Rules For Spanking (Series)
  • Her Two Wishes (Series)
  • Her Red Hood
  • Beauty and Two Beasts

‘‘20 Sizzling MMF Bisexual Romances’ contains very steamy, ultra-high heat bisexual menage romance series with enough MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes to make your toes curl again and again. With lots of humor and twists and turns, each series has a not-to-be-missed HEA ending!



A cocky baseball player falls for, the curvy girl who knows how to put him in his place, and the off-limits billionaire who owns his team. Laughter follows in this second chance romance where pretend dating leads to secret relationships and a whole lot more.

As a curvy American girl spending her senior year in Japan, the last thing Lexi expected was to find a guy. So, when she meets Forrest Wolf, the drop-dead gorgeous American star of Japan’s baseball league, she has her doubts about him. But after spending the night together she’s all in. Too bad he gets traded to an American Major League team with a billionaire owner who has had his eyes on Forrest in more than one way.

A second chance at first love turns into a pretend relationship with one guy and a secret romance with the other. But, can the three of them come up with an arrangement that will allow their love triangle to work? Who knows? But it will certainly be a fun time trying to figure that out in ‘Her Best Bad Decision’.
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Bajo la luz de la luna


Su caperuza roja


Until Your Toes Curl 2 - MMF Bisexual Romance Anthology


Al Chiaro di Luna - PRE-ORDINE


Until Your Toes Curl 1 - MMF Bisexual Romance Anthology


The Muse - PRE-ORDEN


Until Your Toes Curl 3 - MMF Bisexual Romance Anthology


Il Suo Cappuccio Rosso


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