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Feathers Of Fate (Grimm Academy #9)

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Will a princess risk becoming the Goose Girl in order o follow her heart?

Helena has known the man she's going to marry for as long as she can remember, and can't wait to leave for the wedding.
There's only one problem. On the way to finally being with him, her prophecy is supposed to come true, trapping her in the life of a goose girl before she can become Wilhelm's wife.
Can she escape her fate?
Feathers Of Fate is part of the Grimm Academy fantasy fairy tale romance series and is a standalone retelling of The Goose Girl. It includes a fairy tale heroine determined to save herself and a sweet m/f romance. 

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, fantasy academy settings, friendship, prophecies, strong heroines, and sweet romance, start the Grimm Academy series!
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