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Calli 'Fated Mate' Candle

Hand-poured soy candle scented with lilac and jasmine. Hand decorated with jasmine flowers and pink rosebuds, rose quartz and amethyst chips. 

Within each batch of candles, some are made with large crystals embedded inside the wax, but you’ll have to burn it to see if you were lucky enough to get one. 

All of the candles are handmade which means they will all be slightly different and unique. 

I picked lilac and jasmine for Calli’s candle because River describes this as her scent in Wolf Hunts. 

Jasmine is known to inspire love and happiness. It is used in spellwork to find and strengthen spiritual love. While lilac is known to banish bad energies and the oil from its flowers is used for protection spells. Both of these flowers seemed to embody everything that Calli is about in the books. She’s both fiercely protective of the ones she loves and she has a big heart for all of her mates. 

I chose amethyst for Calli’s candle because it has a strong connection to her in the books and it becomes very important in the final book of the series. Rose quartz also seemed like the perfect symbol for Calli because it is used to heal the heartsick and treat any issue that needs emotional healing. It felt like the perfect combination for Calli who cares so much about the people around her. 

Please make sure to read the safety advice for candles before you light your candle. You can find a copy of it here: Candle Safety Information

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