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Heir of Crowns and Curses - Audiobook - PREORDER, WILL BE AVAILABLE 12/12/23

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Kidnapping. Curses. Trying to stop a magical cult from taking over the world. No one told me this was what being a godparent would be like.

No one is more surprised than me when I get the request: "Rhyss, we would be honored if you would stand as Coran's godfather."

For this happy-go-lucky mercenary, it's not the sort of thing I get asked often. Or would even want to do.

But you don't say no to your best friends, who also happen to be the King and Queen of Calia. Even if saying yes means pledging my life and protection to their newborn son, the Crown Prince Coran.

At the dedication, my new vow is immediately tested when the baby is stolen away by a secret society. Now I, along with Farrah, another dear friend, must cross a haunted forest and deal with pirates in the seedy kingdom of Bomora.

My former home.

Where I have to face the demons of my past. Before they unleash an ancient magic that could destroy all of the Gifted Lands.

Should be easy.


Journey to the Gifted Lands, a fantasy world of seven kingdoms, each known for their own unique power or ability. Heir of Crowns and Curses is the fourth book in the Kingdom Legacy series set in this magical world. Each book features a character from one of the kingdoms, with appearances from beloved characters from previous novels.

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