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Space Trends 2016 - bundle (all volumes at once)

Space Trends is an annual publication by Eurospace

The 5th edition provides in excess of 500 graphs and charts covering the period 1957-2015.

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The report is split in 8 volumes, with the first volume dedicated to the historic global trends from 1957 to 2015. The other volumes address specific segments of space activity, such as institutional markets, human activities, launcher activity etc. during the period 1996-2015.

Charts and graphs are the main focus of the publication, rather than text, enabling our readers to quickly dig deep into the details and understanding of every situation or market segment.

  • You can purchase Excel data sets for each series of graphs, contact for details
  • We provide ONLY quantitative information on spacecraft launched, and launcher use, in both mass and number of spacecraft.
  • For some specific areas (such as Space Telecommunications or Human Flight e.g.), the basic indicators are completed by specific ones: number of transponders, bandwidth, spacecraft bus, launcher families, launcher reliability, mass classes etc.

The Report is composed of 8 Volumes as below:

  • Volume 1 – Historic trends (1957-2015)

The Volume 1 provides analyses of the mass launched, number of spacecraft and launch events for the all the space age. From the very beginning in 1957 to 2015. You will find different graphs by space power launch region, space power manufacturing or customer region, by orbit or by mission. Along with analysis of the type of launcher that had been launched during all these years.

  • Volume 2 – Recent launcher trends (1996-2015)

The Volume 2 provides information related to the launches between 1996-2015. Graphs on the mass, events and success vs failures, graphs for the analysis of the main launchers used, their performances and the mass launched.  Graphs that analyze the launches and launchers by region and by manufacturing space power.

  • Volume 3 – Recent spacecraft trends (1996-2015)

The Volume 3 provides graphs and analyses by system category. It shows general overview of number of spacecraft, mass and launch events for all categories. And then a specific section with specific analysis in all these systems categories, except for Assembly module and Crew&Cargo (volume 8).

  • Volume 4 – Market segments (demand side, 1996-2015)

The Volume 4 shows main spacecraft trends from 1996 to 2015 on the demand side. First, it provides an overview of the situation through the period. Then, it considers the following market segments: civil institutional, military institutional and private commercial.

  • Volume 5 – Special focuses (1996-2015)

The Volume 5 provides detailed information about two special segments: GEO telecom market and GNSS systems since 1996.

  • Volume 6 – Key actors (1996-2015)

The Volume 6 provides detailed information about key public institutional and private commercial actors.

  • Volume 7 – European launch and spacecraft activities (1996-2015)

The Volume 7 is dedicated to European space activity since 1996. It considers first European launcher activity and then European spacecraft deliveries. Most of the analyses include two aspects: the spacecraft distribution and the total mass launched. In terms of mass launched, two analyses are presented with Human Spaceflight included and excluded where appropriate.

  • Volume 8 – Human spaceflight, Orbital assemblies and servicing (1996-2015)

The Volume 8 focuses on assembly module systems and related servicing activities (crew/cargo). It provides an overview of launches since 1996 and more information about launchers used, launch site region, orbit and mission categories, customer and supplier regions, human spaceflight programs and supplier region and family.

  • Annex – Satellite exports

Map of satellites exported in the past decade (2007-2016) by 5 main space powers: USA, Europe, China, Russia, and Japan.



We compile our data relying on public information sources, completed by our own analytical capabilities. We cannot be held responsible for potential data discrepancies or inaccuracies.


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