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Beginner's Reading Comprehension Pack 3

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Have a student that struggles with pulling details out of passages or making inferences? Know a young learner that needs to work on their grammar and reading comprehension skills? Dig deeply into the text for comprehension and close reading practice with these high-interest reading passages developed by Strive Academics.

This product includes 4 reading comprehension passages meant for beginning young learners and students working on reading comprehension basics, each containing ten questions of various types. The difficulty of the material is intended for students in the 5th grade and up.

Language: English
Pages: 29 (40 questions and answers)
Difficulty: 5th grade and up
Concepts tested:
  • Picking specific details from the passage
  • Making inferences
  • Grammar skills
BONUS content:
Key Tips and Strategies for Reading Comprehension

Resources Included:
  1. Photosynthesis English Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  2. Layers of the Earth English Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  3. The Food Chain English Reading Comprehension Worksheet
  4. Earthquakes English Reading Comprehension Worksheet

These worksheets are great extra practice for students who have difficulty finding details in passages and making inferences based on the text.
You will get the following files:
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  • PDF (181KB)
  • PDF (321KB)
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