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Death is only the beginning…

Varsity student, Emma, makes the ultimate sacrifice to save her fellow students from rioters and is taken to Valhalla.

Instead of being welcomed as a hero, she is enlisted to the Valkyries to eternally battle the Furies over the souls of the fallen who will fight on their side during Ragnarok.

She is not well-liked by her sisters-in-arms and Valkyries are not allowed to be opinionated.

Can Emma learn to live with the sexist beliefs of her new society, or will she forge her own path?

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*This is the eighth book in the Faery Tales series.
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Customer Reviews


1 year ago

An excellent story.

I like how the author added the folklore and myth of the creatures she used in the the story to her author's note. I also like the layout of this ebook.

This is the story of Emma and how she became a Valkyrie.

My favourite line:
"For a moment Emma ignored the Norns laughing like the crazy creatures they were and listened to the song playing on repeat."

I like how the author mixed technology and mythology to show the darkness of human nature.

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