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35 Shape Stamps for Procreate

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35 Shape Stamps for Procreate

Make your Procreate artwork stand out with this 35 Shape Stamp Bundle!

This digital download includes a range of unique geometric and organic shapes with differing line weights to give your designs a truly individual flair.

Simply import these stamps into Procreate, and you'll have the tools you need to create beautiful art and design pieces.

Perfect for your Procreate art projects or adding creative detail to any project, this bundle has everything you need!

Just download the stamps, open them in Procreate on your iPad, and start creating some Procreate magic.

You can adjust the opacity, resize them to get the perfect effect, and use them in any color you want.

This Procreate brush set is saved as 35 stamps, so you can easily overlay them on top of your drawings and sketches.

What you will receive:

1 x Procreate Brushset of Shape Stamps

*** This will be available for download as a Procreate Brushes file.

IMPORTANT: You need Procreate 5.0.8 or 5X, an iPad, and an Apple Pencil. Please only use the brushes file and stamps in the Procreate app on an iPad. They will not work with other apps or procreate pocket.

Do not make any of my products public or share the asset that allows others to download, extract, or redistribute it as a standalone file.

Thanks for you support!

You will get the following files:
  • PNG (1MB)
  • JPG (200KB)
  • JPG (150KB)
  • JPG (159KB)
  • JPG (141KB)