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It is the "searching" as it is required when one wants to learn to "pray", truly everything else - just not a brooding in the mind! – 
Even the promise that the seeker will “find” – quite naturally – indicates in its succinct simplicity that we are dealing here with something other than what is commonly called “inner searching”, which is what is usually the case is nothing other than digging and wanting to feel in the brain, on the off chance, and by no means certain of finding, as is definitely promised. – – 
«Searching», just as one usually searches for something within oneself, is always an expression of inner restlessness, – and whatever the object of the search may be: – it is always sought in order to attain peace through its finding.
Now some might think that the other "searching", to which "finding" is so surely ascribed, also has its cause in an unrest that would like to calm down? 
But the "searching" that is necessary for the right "praying" presupposes that great calm: - that calm that is founded in itself and can no longer be influenced from outside. – – 
This “searching” always demands the whole human being, and not just the intellect that is constantly scratching like a sniffer dog!


Contents in English
The mystery of prayer. 
Seek and you will find. 
Ask and you will receive. 
Knock and it will be opened to you.
Spiritual renewal. 
This is how you should pray. 

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