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Briefe an Einen und Viele

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God can only “give” as much 
as he “takes”, 
because the measure of every gift 
is determined 
by what the gifted one 
joyfully gives, 
who  loves his God's gift
more than all possessions  !

Contents in Deutsch
The Letters
1 The Soul's Possession
2 Unnecessary Fear
3 The Trust Demanded
4 About My Way of Writing
5 About My Self-Confession
6 What One Must End With
7 The Temple of Eternity
8 About My Spirit Nature
9 How spiritual help is brought about
10 How God is far away from world affairs
11 How God nevertheless helps individuals
12 About the powers of the soul
13 About reprints of my books
14 About polytheism and the cult of saints 15
About the way of life in the light 16
About the mildness of true awakening
17 About mystics and bohemians
18 About what God is
19 About being and nature
20 What I don’t want to be asked
21 About the number twelve and the tower clock
22 About the scales before the eyes
23 How all are unequal before God
24 About confessing before people
25 About fallen masters
26 Of radiant stones and materials
27 Of the devaluation of suffering
28 Of blessing and blessing
29 Of the eternal alienation from time
30 Of devotion and renunciation of words
Closing words

The preliminary remarks and the conclusion belong 
organically to this book and do not want 
to be regarded as incidental!

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