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Ewige Wirklichkeit

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Three collections of poems WORDS OF LIFE, ABOVE EVERYDAY LIFE, ETERNAL REALITY from a man born on earth like us and living in spirit like those brethren in the order of Melchizedek

(Ps 110:4, Genesis 14:20, Heb 6:20, 7:1-28).


In his poems he sings his autobiography, sometimes as a man of this earth, sometimes as a spiritual man.

Sometimes, at the same time, he sings in an archetypal manner our own biography as a human being on earth and, still dimly suspected, as a human being of the spirit.


His are poems that want to sink deep within us so that they can be answered by our deepest selves.


Everyone is recommended to familiarize themselves with these poems so that insight into life and being can be gained.



Editor's note.

Contents in Deutschh
Mystery of election
Way and goal
From spiritual being
found again
Inseparable Reverence Coercion
Differentness Obligation Work of "grace" Divine laughter Self-superiority Possibility of redemption For the sake of love Taming of the "beast" Guilt and atonement Eternal renewal Immortality Knowledge Afterwards everyone different own self-deification The experience of God becomes real

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