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Systematic Approach to Chinese HSK 1

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Do you like Anki? This is the best beginner-level Chinese deck you'll ever come across, teaching you Chinese step by tiny step through over a thousand well-chosen graded Chinese sentences. 

  • All the words for HSK 1 (entry-level Chinese exam)
  • Several sentences for each word
  • More than 1300 notes / 2600 cards
  • Native speaker audio recordings for each word and each sentence (no machine voice!)
  • All Chinese words and sentences written 3 ways: Pinyin (romanization), simplified characters and traditional characters
  • Two test modes: Chinese to English and English to Chinese. You can also create Dictation mode, Character testing mode and similar.
  • Everything is graded perfectly, going in tiny steps but allowing you to become conversational in Chinese

If you're not convinced yet, just try the demo that is part of Anki's Shared Decks section. You'll love it! 

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You will get a APKG (63MB) file
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