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Tyrell the Adventurer Series (5 eBooks)

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Enter a world of grandeur and peril...

... where heroes battle dark forces, ancient prophecies unfold, and destiny awaits in the gripping Tyrell the Adventurer novella series that will transport you to captivating worlds and introduce you to unforgettable characters.

This 5-Ebook bundle includes:

Book 1: "The Binding of Rán"

In the first installment of this thrilling novella series, embark on a perilous journey with Tyrell as he battles a vengeful goddess, uncovers his forgotten past, and fights to save the mystical island of Aerwa in The Binding of Rán.

Book 2: The Legend of the Wolf.

Continue the adventure with Tyrell and Bhalam. An ancient stave holds the key to a world of peril, where Tyrell the Adventurer and his loyal companion, Bhalam, must unravel dark secrets, confront supernatural threats, and navigate treacherous alliances in The Legend of the Wolf.

Book 3: The Druid's Oath

Explore the world of peril with Tyrell and Bhalam in this bone-chilling third novella, where ancient artifacts hold dark secrets.

Book 4: Forged by Thunder

The journey intensifies in this fourth installment. Tyrell the Adventurer and his unwavering companion, Bhalam, battle formidable foes, unlock the secrets of ancient artifacts, and encounter Norse gods. Are you ready to embark on an epic journey filled with danger, magic, and dark secrets?

With each captivating tale, 'The Tyrell the Adventurer' series lures you deeper into a world brimming with danger, enchantment, and epic exploits. Are you prepared to embark on this thrilling journey? Note, this series is best enjoyed when read in Order!

Book 5: The Night Before Krampus

‘Tis the season for the Solstice in Aerwa.

When Tyrell the Adventurer and his best friend Bhalam stumble upon a man knocked out on the beach, they can’t help but lend a hand. Which ends in a solemn oath to lead their new friend to the town of Everfrost in the north. 

But as they say: no good deed goes unpunished, and Tyrell and Bhalam are soon fighting against the gods themselves to get the strange wayfarer to safety. 

Can they deliver on their oath and keep their lives when they learn they’re up against Odin himself in this epic holiday adventure?

How would you rate this series according to the movie scale (G-X-rated)? Is this series Clean/ Sweet Epic Fantasy?

The Tyrell the Adventurer series can be considered quite clean, in that it has minimal (if any) adult language, but does include fantasy violence. For this reason, I would rate it as PG-13.

Which genre is the Tyrell the Adventurer series?

I would consider this to be Epic Fantasy, set in a secondary world, mainly in the kingdom of Aerwa.

Does this series contain any romance?

Presently this series does not contain a romantic plotline. It is instead a story focused on Tyrell as he tries to find out who he is. In this series, he and his friend, Bhalam, fight against epic monsters, encounter magic, and help protect the kingdom from destruction.

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