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Cursed by the Gods: Norse Gods of War Ebook

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Not all prayers create blessings. Some lead to destruction.

Nanna of Carthage prayed to the gods for help to defeat the Roman invasion. She never imagined the wrong god would answer.

Baldr, the son of Odin and Freyja, and brother of Thor was not the God she’d expected, and when he whisks her away to Asgard, she fears for her safety--and the future of her people.

Baldr couldn’t let Nanna perish. His knee-jerk reaction to save her comes with diabolical consequences: threats arise from all sides, including from Odin.

When Nanna hears a voice beckoning her to a secret chamber, she discovers what the gods have hidden...and how catastrophic its release will be to her friends, family, and humanity.

Now, she's stuck in Asgard as they decide her fate, and Nanna realizes she may have escaped one battle only to become a pawn in another, bigger war.

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