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Cutie With A Booty - Home Edition

Cutie With A Booty: Home Version is an 8 week program that is designed to give you a firmer, rounder, and stronger booty in the comfort of your own home!

The program is focused on your lower body and infuses different aspects of stretching and meditation such as Yoga and cardio.

 How does the Home version differ from the Gym version?

The Home version ties in bodyweight training with more relaxing stretching techniques such as Yoga and light-paced cardio without the need to go outside and run 2+ miles three times a week.
Instead of using a 3-day split like the Gym version does, the Home version provides 4 workouts per week with each workout taking no more than 30 minutes.
Since the Home version is to be used outside of the gym, it has a much larger array of exercises which you can do, giving you broader knowledge of what exercise works what
*Benefits of Yoga:

Improves Digestions
Fights Food Cravings
Improves Brain Function
Boosts Immunity
Promotes Deep, Inner relaxation

*Source: Mens Fitness


How does having a firmer, rounder, and stronger booty help your overall health and well being? We're so glad you asked!

Working your leg and butt muscles helps reduce cellulite
Creates a foundation for your upper body.
Working your legs and booty involves working your whole body when doing Squats and Deadlifts.
Your arms squeeze the bar hard during heavy Squats & Deadlifts.
Your abs work hard at stabilizing the weight during Squats.
Your chest muscles tense hard during heavy Deadlifts.
You'll look SEXY!
You'll feel CONFIDENT!
What does Cutie With A Booty - Home Version consist of?

Cutie With A Booty - Home Version consists of 4 workouts per week.

Leg Day
Cardio Day
Leg Day #2
Yoga, Balance, & Stretching
Give Cutie With A Booty a try. You won't be disappointed! 

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